Regino Gymnasium Prüm – Modern modular schools for 10 classrooms

For the comprehensive refurbishment of the Regino-Gymnasium, the Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm was looking for an economical and comfortable accommodation for the pupils. With its modern and economical school solutions, AMTRA was able to prevail in the public tender and built a double decker system of 38 cabins for 10 classes on the school grounds.

The school classes consist of three or four cabins, which are 6,65 m long, 2,99 m wide and 3,24 m high. The room height is thus 40 cm more than the 2,84 m of the standard cabin. These extra 40 cm of space allow the installation of an acoustic ceiling that effectively absorbs sound, resulting in a more comfortable learning environment. Built-in blinds regulate solar radiation while the high-quality thermal insulation manages the climate for a pleasant indoor temperature at all times.

Standard cabins are used for the corridor. Downstairs they lead directly outside while they meet the wide arcade upstairs.

Safety is our first priority

A wide corridor over the entire front of the building enables fast and safe evacuation in case of danger.
A wide corridor over the entire front of the building enables fast and safe evacuation in case of danger.

The cabins were equipped in accordance with the School Construction Directive, with a special focus on safety and fire safety aspects: all cabins have fire resistance class F30 and the entire building is equipped wit a fire alarm system.

In case of an emergency, the wide pergola and the three stairways at the front and both sides of the building allow a fast and safe evacuation of the classes.

The installation area requires conscientious examination

Before the modular school was installed, the site needed to be examined intensively by our site supervisor. This thorough examination was necessary as an old well exists on the site and might not have withstood the load from the crane.

The location of the well had to be determined beforehand in a complex manner in order to determine possible access routes as well as installation areas accordingly.
Thanks to the comprehensive preliminary analysis and the many years of experience of our team, the cabins could be installed safely and quickly.

The four extra-wide staircases were specially made for this project.
The four extra-wide staircases were specially made for this project.

For the project, AMTRA supplied the following components:

   32  class cabins
  6  hall cabins
       extra wide pergola
       custom made staircase
       whiteboards in all classes

Optimized energy for a longer service life

The delay of the construction work in the school building required an extension of the service life of our modular school. In order to save energy and resources, the AMTRA cabins are upgraded on site in accordance with the requirements of the latest Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV 2016).

School officials are full of praise

Theo Hafner, engineer of the Regino-Gymnasium, is satisfied with the service of AMTRA:

“That was a great achievement from AMTRA. The construction was quick and reliable, there was no complaint at the handover. The supervisor Jörg Müller took special care of our project in advance and always had an open ear for our concerns.

Also, the following works such as the installation of lightning protection were great. As a result, school operations were virtually undisturbed and students were able to move into their new classrooms on time.”


The facility is fully accepted by both students and teachers. Their operation ran smoothly and there were no incidents with vandalism. Minor defects are remedied at short notice by the AMTRA service team and the regular exchange with the school management and building services ensures a good contact.