This is what our clients say about the cooperation with AMTRA.

Ingo Uhländer, Mitarbeiter der INEOS GmbH in Köln über die AMTRA Mobilraum GmbH.

“Cabin logistics has a major impact on the success of our major projects – if things go badly here, projects are quickly endangered. 
AMTRA provides us with high quality changing rooms, team blocks and offices on site. Everything goes hand in hand, which is very important.”

Ingo Uhländer, Tar Demand Manager, INEOS Cologne

Dieter Polak, Infrastruktur-Manager, INEOS Köln, über die AMTRA Mobilraum GmbH.

“Turnarounds in the chemical industry are subject to special safety regulations that not everyone knows. AMTRA is SCCP certified, so all employees are subject to the Safety Certificate for contractors.”

Dieter Polak, Infrastructure Manager, INEOS Cologne