The X-class line: A new cabin-generation for schools

With a length of 7.20 m, a width of 2.99 m and an exterior height of 3.15 m (interior height 2,80 m), the X-class cabin offers an unsurpassed amount of space. AMTRA sets new standards in the field of modular solutions for schools and meeting rooms.

With more then 20 years of experience, AMTRA developed a completely new school cabin that meets all requirements of a contemporary classroom and that complies with the essential points of the school building guidelines!

At the same time, it is an economically convincing alternative to the standard cabins offered on the market for school authorities, cities and local authorities, which can no longer fulfil many of today’s requirements.

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Special equipment? No problem!

Facade cladding according to customer requirements are an example of the special equipment of the X-class cabins.
Facade cladding according to customer requirements are an example of the special equipment of the X-class cabins.

Whether you need chairs, a beamer, a whiteboard or a router, the equipment options of our cabins are almost unlimited. Depending on your requirements, LED lighting, fire alarm systems, floor and wall ducts with various media connections, wall panels or projection screens, computer systems can be included.

We also offer a variety of different equipment options in the exterior and façade design.

For example:

  • Individual façade cladding

  • Wooden benches, planters and pergolas

  • Extra wide stairways and round steps

All benefits at a glance

  • 44 % more ground space (21.6 m2 instead of 15 m2 for ISO-standardized cabins)

  • 7,2 m m long, 2,99 m wide and 3,15 m high (2,80 m interior height)

  • Optimized room layout for better teaching conditions (closer to the black board)

  • Long-term building permitted (idealy from approx. 24 to 60 months)

  • Low energy consumption thanks to optimum heat protection (EnEV from 2016)

  • High fire protection due to fire resistance class F30

  • Improved sun protection through aluminium external venetian blinds

  • More natural light due to three-part and wieder windows

  • Wider and higher doors (1.0 m x 2.1 m) for barrier-free passageways

  • Pleasant learning atmosphere through sound-absorbing plaster walls

  • High quality equipment and effective air conditioning

  • Individual planning thanks to flexible floor plans of the plant