Site management – team players for our clients


If existing areas need to be used optimally then large projects must be planned in detail, our construction team comes into action.

They know all possibilities in the design of modular buildings as well as the industry-specific requirements and they ensure close cooperation with our disposition for the best possible realization of your wishes.

People at AMTRA: Jörg Müller
(senior site manager at the Cologne branch)

Responsible for the projects at the Wesseling site: Our Senior Site Manager Jörg Müller.
Responsible for the projects at the Wesseling site: Our Senior Site Manager Jörg Müller.

Whether in the calculation of a request to coordinate own or third party trades or in the control of mandatory safety regulations on our construction sites – we can always rely on the know-how of our senior site manager Jörg Müller.

If he were to describe all his tasks, it would quickly fill entire books. “Organizer of requirements,” Jörg Müller calls his job at AMTRA. As senior site manager of our Cologne branch, he is involved in all project phases. It begins with a customer inquiry or tender, which he analyses meticulously and then determines the required cabins and complies as well as the desired services from AMTRA’s 360° service. Together with the design team and in close cooperation with our customers, tailor-made concepts that meet all requirements are created.

Exact scheduling, strict controls, satisfied customers

Before we start, our site supervisor visits the construction site, checks the given dimensions and determines the exact location of the cabins. He always pays great attention to the condition of the subsoil, checks whether the routes are suitable for the lorries and if the necessary connections are available.

In addition, Jörg Müller is the first contact point for our clients, subcontractors and mechanics on site during the entire realization phase. He coordinates and supervises all tasks, ensuring that these are completed in time and compliance of health and safety protection.

His secret to success: experience and assertiveness

Site supervisor Müller always keeps a cool head. With concise and clear words, he directs his routinized team. Being at AMTRA for more than 11 years and having worked in all positions himself before benefits him now as a leader. After his apprenticeship and his first journeyman years as a construction and furniture joiner, Jörg Müller joined AMTRA in an early stage and therefore was able to participate in many decisive phases of our corporate development. He was responsible for the new construction of our branch office in Cologne and gained experience in hundreds of projects that today he has his construction sites sovereign under control.

People at AMTRA: Dirk Schütze (site manager)

More than 10 years part of the AMTRA team: Dirk Schütze, site manager.
More than 10 years part of the AMTRA team: Dirk Schütze, site manager.

Dirk Schütze cares about details: as our site manager he ensures the punctual and smooth assembly and disassembly of our cabins.

His work at AMTRA covers much more: He inspects the set up areas, determines the best routes and coordinates the project with authorities and clients. According to his sketches and specifications, plans are drawn, cabins are laid out and demand lists are created.

Know-how and more then 10 years of experience

As a team leader, his precise scheduling ensures a clear briefing for our service teams, whose work Dirk Schütze himself has learned from scratch. Ten years ago, the trained maintenance engineer for industrial plants began his career as a service mechanic at AMTRA. His many years of experience and his versatile knowledge of assembly and installation techniques guarantee that the AMTRA team can implement every customer request quickly and flexibly.

High standards for himself and his team

Only after all cabins are set up, connected and furnished, he hands over the modular buildings to our clients. Dirk Schütze is proud to always deliver perfect quality – from the planning to the dismantling of our cabins.