Disposition – To make sure everything arrive in time

30 school cabins for the city of Frankfurt, 20 living cabins for accommodation in Cologne and spontaneously 30 workshop cabins for an energy provider in Hamburg – everyday life for AMTRA’s dispatchers, who coordinate more than 20,000 cabin movements each, throughout Germany.

A modern planning software, experience, structured way of working and a cool mind are crucial. In such a way, the complex cabin logistics of our five branches run efficiently, seamlessly and as economically as possible – for AMTRA and our customers.

People at AMTRA: Anastasia Bartels, dispatcher and deputy branch manager in Hamburg

Anastasia Bartels, Disponentin und stellvertretende Leiterin des Standortes in Hamburg Heidenau.

She ensures that all components are ready on time for the project to start: with experience and foresight, Anastasia Bartels organizes the need for cabins, equipment and staff for the rapid implementation of our modular solutions.

Whether it’s an annual turnaround project or a short-term cabin inquiry – Anastasia Bartels keeps a cool head in every situation. Since 2011, the graduate industrial engineer enriches the AMTRA branch in Heidenau as a dispatcher and deputy branch manager. She has already organized countless projects during this time.

Significantly helped to develop the Heidenau branch

14 years ago, Ms. Bartels came from Moscow to northern Germany to study and has remained faithful to the people and region here. With a diploma in transport and logistics, she initially stated as an assistant to a major shipping service provider, before moving to the rather young AMTRA location in Hamburg Heidenau in 2011. Here Ms. Bartels quickly assumed responsibility as deputy branch manager and dispatcher.

Container disposition: Detailed needs analysis is an important step

“Our aim is to make project management as easy as possible. From the initial planning to the handover of the finished plant to our customers,” explains Anastasia Bartels. Therefore, in addition to the type and number of required cabins, the key account managers also record special customer requests.

These include special equipment such as kitchenettes or special furniture as well as additional services such as comprehensive basic cleaning of the systems before they are handed over to the customer.

Good teamwork as a prerequisite for successful planning

Dispatchers like Anastasia Bartels ensure that all requested components are ready on time for the project to start. Are there enough cabins available? To what extent must their equipment be adapted to the customers requirements? Is a crane needed to set up the plant? Anastasia Bartels clarifies these and many more questions with her colleagues like the site managers and the hall master. “It only works thanks to our good teamwork. Cabin logistics is a complex construct where all individual details have to fit. Otherwise it will not work.”

Job still exciting after many years

Despite all the routine in the implementation of the projects, working as a dispatcher remains exciting for Anastasia Bartels. She points out that even in similar projects there are always new challenges to be solved. In addition, the new products and technical developments from AMTRA must be taken into account when planning.

This includes, the development of the X-tend line as a new cabin series, which is received on the market with positive response, thanks to more space and a wide range of equipment. “We offer the possibility to visit the X-tend cabin at our location in Heidenau. Customers and prospects are thrilled with the new cabin line, we also notice this in the increasing demand for it.” Says Anastasia Bartels.