Accident prevention has the highest priority at AMTRA

Do not be told about security – you will receive the SCCP certificate. Nowadays everybody talks about occupational safety and certifications. But who guarantees that the daily departures actually underpin the strict guidelines?

Safety, health and environmental protection are firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy and are enlivened by every employee. We undergo regular audits, train our employees and work with the utmost motivation to become better, without neglecting profitability and fairness.

Our philosophy

  • Documented, managed and systematically reviewed management system

  • Integrated consideration of workplaces and work processes

  • Concrete and coordinated work instructions and procedures

  • QSGU as an integral part of target agreements of management and employees

  • Systematic and continuous education, training and further education

  • Use of tested equipment, tools and materials

  • Transparency of work processes and procedures

  • Consistent compliance with laws and regulations

  • Independent staff with units for QSGU

  • Comprehensive risk management

Safe electrical system

The test according to DGVU regulation 3 is the recognized and standard-compliant test of electrical equipment.
This check assures our customers that the electrical systems in our containers are in good condition. We can offer you this exam beyond the legal requirements.

Life Saving Rules

No alcohol or drugs on the workplace. We have a great deal of responsibility not only towards our employees. Compliance with the Life Saving Rules ensures that no one is injured while working. For AMTRA this includes the alcohol test as well. With a 0.0 blood alcohol limit in the workplace, we actively contribute to the reduction of occupational accidents.

Your benefit:

  • Security in the awarding of contracts and avoidance of recourse claims

  • Cost savings by avoiding work accidents

  • Legal certainty through systematic tracking of relevant laws and regulations

  • Reduction of occupational safety risks

  • Strengthening public trust

  • Strengthening the image and competitiveness

  • Identification and motivation of employees through “secure” jobs

  • Avoid multiple checks of your contractors