X-tend cabins offer maximum comfort

Pleasant lighting conditions

External aluminium venetian blinds are included in AMTRA’s X-tend cabins as a standard fitting.

They offer comfortable working conditions at any weather and protect against strong sunlight.

Wider doors

The doors are 2.10 meters high and one meter wide. Therefore they are more accessible for bulky furniture and provide more convenient access for those with disabilities or those who are mobile-dependent.

Standardized ventilation system

A special piece of our included equipment is the ventilation system (a heat pump), which keeps the temperature inside the cabins at a comfortable level, regardless of the external conditions.

Easy handling

With the modern air-conditioning units of the X-tend cabins, your employees can create their own individual feel-good atmosphere.

Integrated cable channel

Below the windows there is a cable duct that runs through the entire front. It is equipped with high-quality Schuko sockets and, if required, with network or telephone connections. All electrical installations are according to DIN VDE 0100.

Optimal acoustics

The new plaster walls are soundproof, ensure optimum humidity and thus contribute to an ergonomic working environment. A more pleasant acoustic develops in the room because plaster absorbs noise instead of reflecting it.