Our XL-cabin: Specifications to build on

Our new cabin lines name origins in the verb ‘(to) extend’. Besides more space many other product characteristics are pro/speaking for the new AMTRA X-tend cabin.

Extended dimensions

  • With a length of 6.058 m, a width of 2.990 m and an external height of 3.10 m, our X-tend cabins are about half a meter wider and 10 cm higher in the interior than the standard model
  • At 18 square meters, the footprint is approximately 20 % more than the usual 15 square meters of ISO standardized models. Various new floor plans and facilities can be realized with this additional space.
  • With an inside height of 2,6 m the cabin reaches an overall bigger inner volume. This not only results in more freedom of movement and equipment but also in literally 5 % more air, which again increases the comfort level.  Moreover there is enough space for individual requests such as the installation of an acoustic ceiling for a more comfortable sound perception.
  • The doors are 2,10 meters high and a full meter wide. This makes them more accessible to bulky equipment and provides a more convenient access for people dependent on health and mobile aids.


  • Pillars, columns and other load-bearing parts are designed according to state building regulations in fire resistance class F30. This means in case of fire, those parts continue to perform their function for at least 30 more minutes, this is valuable time for the evacuation of the building.

  • The wider, now three-part windows can be used as additional escape routes more easily.

  • The protection against excessive heat or cold is met according to DIN 4108 in context of EnEV 2014 (as of 2016). This results in energy savings, avoidance of unhygienic air evolution due to moisture formation and the use of suitable materials such as insulating wool and gypsum plaster.

  • External aluminium venetian blinds are part of the standard delivery; they provide additional protection against exposure to strong sunlight and facilitate a pleasant working atmosphere at any weather.

  • The new plaster walls are more resistant to noise, soundproof, ensure optimum humidity and thus contribute to an ergonomic working environment. A more pleasant acoustic develops, as gypsum, in contrast to steel or melamine coatings, does not reflect, but absorbs the noise.


  • Thanks to a bigger size of the X-tend cabin, larger modular buildings can be created with less or a more constant number of cabins.

  • One cabin now fits three working stations (usually office desks). Depending on the requirements, this can reduce the overall number of cabins needed significantly.

  • Thanks to their sturdy steel constructions, X-tend cabins can be set up to three floors high. Of course we also provide matching stair models to the new X-tend line.
  • Possible equipment extras of the cabins are besides others LED lighting, panes tinted with foil and acoustic ceilings.
  • Roofs with special slopes for the rain drain, rain gutters and downpipes at the desired locations as well as attic devices are optional features of AMTRA’s the new X-tend cabins.

Use and service life

  • The X-tend cabins are planning permitted; therefore they can be used long term (starting from 24 months up to five years).
  • Due to the additional width and a smartly designed floor plan the X-tend cabin reduces renting, space, transport and installation efforts comparing to standard cabins. This results in lower overall costs.


  • Energy costs are reduced significantly by following the Energy Saving Ordiance 2014 (from 2016).
  • During the construction of the X-tend plants, very little waste, noise and obstructions are generated for the construction environment.
  • The materials used for the X-tend cabins are more recyclable. An X-tend system can be dismantled and returned after the rental period, therefore the used floor is left as unimpaired as possible or released again.
  • A special piece of our included equipment is the ventilation system (a heat pump), which keeps the temperature inside the cabins at a comfortable level, regardless of the external conditions.
  • As the heating / cooling system in the X-tend cabin works completely electrically, neither a gas nor oil connection is necessary and the systems do not emit polluting exhaust gases.
  • In addition to work and short-stay places, the sanitary items in this product line also meet all the requirements. The sanitary divisions are futuristic/progressive and the furnishings are of high quality.