AMTRA Mobilraum GmbH –
Expert solutions for modular buildings

For more than 20 years AMTRA has operated as a service provider to / which establish economic, high-end modular solutions for different industries. If as offices for administrations and companies or as school, construction site-, residence- and sanitary cabins for the industrial sector: We offer the perfect modular solution for every use of purpose.

Maximum flexibility and planning security for our clients

The variety of the cabin floor plans and the individual technical furniture enable us to design our modular buildings exactly to the specific requirements of our clients. We take the responsibility for their project and support our customers from the first consultation to the installation and launching until the decomposition of the cabins.

From a single office cabin as a short term space extension to a three-floor building as a perennial: With our variable rent- and endurance time we give our customers the maximum security with regard to planning and costs for their project.

AMTRA Mobilraum GmbH – <br>Expert solutions for modular buildings
With five branches in Germany and our big container park it enables us to react quickly to short dated customer inquiries.

Complete quality management through comprehensive certification

AMTRA demands high quality- and safety standards, as nummerous certificates can substantiate: DIN EN ISO 9001, SCCP and PQ VOL. The safety of our employees and the users of our modular buildings is our priority.

The continuous trainings and qualifications of our technicians is an important aspect – especially when it comes to work inside the security areas of chemical- and refinery plants.

Certified Processes

To secure and further optimize our high quality demands, the renowned DQS reviews our management processes on a regular base. Their demanded standards for security, health and environmental protections often surpass the legal requirements. You can find all certificates of AMTRA here.