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The need for time-limited additional space requirements repeatedly presents particular challenges to many companies. Temporary shortages must not only be covered quickly and easily, but also the special requirements of location, environment and the rooms themselves must be taken into account. Time is money; we attach great importance to working economically in order for you not to incur losses or avoidable costs.

Perfect service for highest demands

Our 360° solutions include a complete service package. While you can continue to take care of your core business undisturbed, we guarantee a smooth process on a high quality level.

Chemical and petrochemicals, refineries and energy procedures have particularly high demands on the solution of short-term space requirements at standstills. In a limited amount of time, suitable space must be made available for often more than a thousand employees in limited space. These cabins can serve as office, break, sanitary or meeting rooms. Compare our services with other providers


Download the AMTRA-Checklist as an PDF-File
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Die AMTRA-Checkliste

  • Is a personal contact person available?
  • Can large cabin quantities be delivered and assembled quickly and reliably?
  • Is there a separate planning and technical department?
  • Are the management processes certified
  • Are the cabins clean and germ-free?
  • Is the Toxroof certificate of the cabins available?
  • Are the service technicians trained and qualified?
  • Is there a test in accordance with DGUV regulation 3?
  • Are the life saving rules (alcohol) observed?
  • Are the cabins delivered with their own fleet?
  • Is site management provided on site?
  • Is there a furniture and design service?
  • Is the SCCP certificate available?

PDF-Download Checkliste